27 February 2022 – Dance Band Days, The Latin Lounge and Hot Pipes links are currently functioning.
6 August 2022: Big Band Sound shows are being reinstated: the link in the menu is now functional.

Hot Pipes! – Ongoing one-hour podcasts and half-hour broadcasts of theatre/cinema pipe organ entertainment from around the world. Producer and host: Steve Ashley (The link takes you the dedicated website.)

The Latin Lounge – A series of 15 half-hour shows of Latin-American music that I produced for Serenade Radio in 2021. The playlists feature tracks from both well-known and obscure artists.

Dance Band Days – Alan Dell’s long-running half-hour BBC Radio 2 programme featuring the best of British dance bands from the 1920s to the 1940s. Posting restarted February 2022. Shows will be added as they are digitised, processed and (hopefully) play-listed. I have a huge cassette collection from one collector that isn’t well documented but transfer and editing/processing is well under way again. Shows cannot be downloaded but can be streamed at will from this site, or they can be accessed directly on Mixcloud.

Big Band Sound – Alan Dell’s one hour show which (mostly) followed the Dance Band Days programmes on Radio 2, this time with the swing bands. These are currently being reinstated (as of 6 August 2022).

Mardi Gras – Broadcast on Capital Radio, London from 1973 to 1984, noted jazz historian Brian Rust presented some fabulous jazz and dance tracks from the 1920s and 30s. To be reinstated after Dance Band Days programmes.

Miscellaneous – TO FOLLOW – Various shows that I recorded to open reel tape in the 1970s – to bring back memories of the great broadcasters of the era.

Please note: These programmes are presented for personal entertainment only. Feel free to download for personal listening on any device which plays m4a files, but no files should be redistributed in any form without first contacting me. Copyright remains with the creators of the programmes.

My most sincere thanks to the following contributors and assistants – in no particular order: Bob Sanders, Anthony Middleton, Peter Wallace, Robin Cherry, Mark Alexander, David Small, John Rogers, Geoff Hunt, Alan Bond, Ray Frost, Mark Spry, Neil Ogley, Trevor Hughes, John Norbury and the late Danny Read.