Big Band Sound: 1975-10-13

With an extended feature on the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra

  1. Down South Camp Meeting – Benny Goodman – 1956
  2. Oh Baby – Benny Goodman – May 1946
  3. La Paloma – Artie Shaw Band Members
  4. Artistry In Rhythm – The Greatest Swing Band in the World
  5. Apple Blossom Time – The Greatest Swing Band in the World with vocals by the Berkley Squares
  6. It Must Be Jelly ‘Cos Jam Don’t Shake Like That – The Greatest Swing Band in the World with vocals by Monty Babson and Duncan Campbell
  7. Got A Date With An Angel – The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra  
  8. Avalon – The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra 
  9. Gershwin Concerto in F (Second movement) – The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra – 1955
  10. The Loop – The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra 
  11. Stardust – The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra with vocal by Andy Roberts
  12. Thinking of You – The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra 
  13. Swingcussion – The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra 
  14. Play out – Benny Rides Again – The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra 

SA Collection

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