There are several ways to subscribe and/or be notified when ‘new’ shows are released.

1. Go to any playlist page.
2. Under the play-bar, you have the option to Download that particular show. (A left-click will download to the ‘generic’ download folder in your computer and a right-click gives you the option of deciding the download location.)
3. Under that you will see ‘Subscribe‘…

iTunes – The shows are not listed in Apple Podcasts. It’s necessary, therefore, to manually add the feed address to your iTunes application. Copy this address into the Subscribe to Podcast box in the app:
(Note that Feed Address can be used to subscribe manually in any podcast application.)

Android – the feed address should automatically be added to an Android Podcast subscription.

Email – Add your email address to the webpage that appears to be notified every time a show is released, allowing you to decide whether to listen/download.

RSS – Adds the feed address to an RSS (Rich Site Summary) Reader. Most web browsers have RSS capability, either built-in or as an add-on. (Search Google etc. for more details for your browser etc.)