Dance Band Days: 1974-06-16

  1. Shine – Brian Lawrence & His Quaglino Quartet
  2. When They’re On The Love Parade – Sam Browne with The Durium Dance Band – 1932
  3. Three’s Company – Lew Davis Trombone Trio (Ted Heath, Lew Davis, Tony Thorpe, Sid Phillips, Dick Ball & Max Bacon) – 1935
  4. Serenade In The Night – Monte Ray with Geraldo’s Goucho Tango Orchestra
  5. Sibonay – Don Marino Barreto’s Cuban Orchestra – 1940s
  6. There’s That Look In Your Eyes Again – Janet Lind with Louis Levy’s  Gaumont British Symphony
  7. Rambling Rose – George Crowley with The Blue Mariners
  8. I Haven’t Time To Be A Millionaire – Sam Browne with Jay Wilbur – 1940

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