Dance Band Days: 1974-09-15

  1. Radio Nights – Billy Scott-Coomber + Bob Busby + Bob Manning with Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orchestra, September 1931
  2. Spread A Little Happiness – Len Lees with Arthur Rosebery & His Kit–Cat Band, March 1929
  3. When You’ve Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart – Helen Raymond with Billy Merrin & His Commanders, August 1934
  4. Limehouse Blues – Jack Hylton & His Orchestra, January 1930
  5. Yours And Mine – Brian Lawrance (v) & His Lansdowne Orchestra, October 1937
  6. Goody-Goody – The Three Sisters with Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra, May 1936
  7. On Treasure Island – Roy Edwards with Felix Mendelssohn’s Hawaiian Serenaders, 1960s
  8. It’s A Blue World – Don Johnson with Ken Johnson & His West Indian Orchestra, April 1940 (”Snakehips” omitted on this recording)

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