Dance Band Days: 1974-11-18

  1. You Hit The Spot – Sam Costa with Maurice Winnick & His Orchestra, March 1936
  2. La-Di-Da-Di-Da – Les Allen and Len Bermon with Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra, November 1933
  3. Exactly Like You – Sam Browne with Harry Hudson’s Radio Melody Boys, Men, July 1930
  4. There Is A Tavern In The Town – Leonard Feather’s Olde English Swynge Band, May 1937
  5. I’m Nobody’s Baby – Gwen Jones with Jack White & His Band, September 1940
  6. My Foolish Heart – Steve Conway with The Roberto Inglez Orchestra, 1950s
  7. Ain’t She Sweet? – The Harry Parry Quartet, recorded in May 1946 but not released until 1947
  8. Don’t Take Your Love From Me – Rita Williams with Lou Preager & His Orchestra, September 1945

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