Dance Band Days: 1975-10-13

  1. Thanks For The Buggy Ride – Percival Mackey’s Band – April 1926
  2. Moanin’ Low – Betty Bolton with Spike Hughes and His Dance Orchestra – 23 January 1931
  3. Little White Lies – Jack Plant with Jack Hylton and His Orchestra – 28 August 1930
  4. Dance Around In Your Bones – Jack Hylton and His Orchestra
  5. ‘Tain’t No Sin – Maurice Elwin with The Rhythmic Eight
  6. Quickstep Medley –  Dave Kaye and Ivor Morton
  7. In An Old Cathedral Town – Elsie Carlisle with Jack Harris and His Orchestra – 1937
  8. My Sweety Went Away – Betty Kent with Jack Simpson’s Sextette
  9. A Hot Time In Town – Ivor Morton and Dave Kaye with Harry Roy and His Orchestra – 1933

SA Collection

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