Dance Band Days: 1977-11-21

  1. There’s A Blue Ridge Round My Heart, Virginia – Jay Whidden & His Orchestra – October 1928
  2. With You Here and Me Here – Jack Jackson & His Orchestra – August 1933
  3. Sundown In A Little Green Hollow – Cavan O’Connor & Larry Brennan’s Winter Gardens Band – July 1933
  4. Bouncing Ball – Lew Stone & His Orchestra – 1933
  5. With A Song In My Heart – Anne Lenner & Carroll Gibbons & His Orchestra
  6. Dancing Time – Oscar Rabin & His Strict Tempo Dance Band
  7. Mist On The River – Sam Browne & Jay Wilbur
  8. Minnie From Trinidad – Ann Shelton & Ambrose

RC Collection

1 thought on “Dance Band Days: 1977-11-21

  1. With so many new shows coming up, this is just great.
    And what a wierd surprise hearing my own name mentioned on the Jack Jackson request! I think this was the first time I’d asked Alan Dell to play anything for me. Just 17 at the time. Gordon Bennett.

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