Dance Band Days: 1979-10-08

  1. I’m Just In The Mood Tonight – Sam Browne + 2 with Jack Hylton and His Orchestra – September 1929
  2. Love Letters In The Sand – Jack Payne with The BBC Dance Orchestra – December 1931
  3. I Saw Stars – Les Allen – October 1934
  4. Two Cigarettes In The Dark – Alberta Hunter with Jack Jackson and His Orchestra – September 1934
  5. Sing Me A Swing Song – Tiny Winters with Lew Stone and His Band – 1936
  6. Serenade In The Night – Monte Ray with Geraldo and His Tango Orchestra – November 1936
  7. On Your Toes – Rita Williams with Billy Merrin and His Commanders  – March 1937
  8. The Eyes Of The World Are On You – Gene Crowley with Bram Martin and His Dance Orchestra – April 1937

RC Collection

1 thought on “Dance Band Days: 1979-10-08

  1. Really good show this one. Many thanks for your continued work on this project. This and the Sounds Easy recordings on YouTube have been really great. Looking forward to the miscellaneous stuff too.

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