Dance Band Days: 1980-08-20

  1. Oh Ya Ya – Sam Browne with Harry Hudson’s Melody Men – March/April 1930
  2. Let’s Do It – Jack Hylton Orchestra – 26 March 1929
  3. You’ve Got Me Crying Again – Elsie Carlisle with Ambrose and His Orchestra – May 1933
  4. On A Blue Lagoon – Dan Donovan with Harry Leader and His Band – June 1934
  5. White Jazz – Lew Stone and His Band
  6. This Time It’s Real – Beryl Davis with Oscar Rabin and His Romany Band – August 1938
  7. It’s De-lovely – Anne Lenner, George Melachrino with Carrol Gibbons and The Savoy Orpheans – September 1938
  8. Wings Over The Navy – The Organ The Dance Band And Me

RC Collection

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