Dance Band Days: 1980-08-27

  1. Didn’t I Tell You? – Bert Firman and The Rhythmic Eight – 1928
  2. Sitting On A Five Bar Gate – Jack Payne Orchestra – December 1930
  3. That’s What Life Is Made Of – Al Bowlly with Ray Noble Orchestra – May 1933
  4. I Wished On The Moon – George Barclay with Mantovani –  August 1935
  5. Everything Stops For Tea – Tommy Kinsman Fishers Restaurant Dance Band – April 1936
  6. Quicker Than You Can Say Jack Robinson – Mary Lee with Roy Fox Band – 1936
  7. Night Ride; Highland Swing – Harry Roy and His Band  – 14 November 1938
  8. We Mustn’t Say Goodbye – Kay Yourston with Ivy Benson Band

RC Collection

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