Dance Band Days: 1980-09-17

  1. All By Myself In The Moonlight – Eddie Grossbart with Carroll Gibbons and The New Mayfair Dance Orchestra – 7 November 1928
  2. The Wedding Of The Painted Doll – Harry Hudson’s Melody Men
  3. Castles In The Sand – Sam Browne with Sydney Lipton and His Grosvenor House Band – April/May 1933
  4. Unless – Harry Bentley with Billy Merrin and His Commanders
  5. Escapada (Sid Phillips) – Ambrose Orchestra – 26 October 1936
  6. When Bomba Plays A Rumba – Harry Roy Orchestra – November 1937
  7. Please Be Kind – Jack Cooper with Jack Jackson Orchestra – May 1938
  8. My Prayer – Chick Henderson with Joe Loss Orchestra – July 1939

RC Collection

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