Dance Band Days: 1980-12-24

  1. I’m Going Home For Christmas – Dan Donovan with Henry Hall BBC Dance Orchestra
  2. Make Those People Sway – Jack Jackson and His Orchestra at the Dorchester Hotel
  3. The Toy Trumpet – Ambrose and His Orchestra
  4. Winter Wonderland – Sam Browne with Ambrose and His Orchestra – 1934
  5. The Darktown Strutters’ Ball – Brian Lawrence and Sextet – 1938
  6. The Santa Claus Express – Dan Donovan with Henry Hall BBC Dance Orchestra – 1933
  7. Canadian Capers – Harry Roy and His Orchestra – 1933
  8. Swing High, Swing Low – Janet Lind with Louis Levy and his Gaumont British Symphony – 1937
  9. Ridin’ High – Geraldo and His Savoy Hotel Orchestra
  10. Let’s Dance At the Make-Believe Ballroom – Joe Loss and His Orchestra 1934-1937
  11. (At The) Woodchoppers’ Ball – Joe Loss and His Orchestra

RC Collection

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