Dance Band Days: 1981-04-20

  1. My Song of the Nile – Stoll Theatre organ with Manhattan Melody Makers –1929
  2. 42nd Street medley – Pat O’Malley with Jack Hylton Orchestra – 1933
  3. If I had a million dollars – Sam Brown with Ambrose and his Orchestra – 1934
  4. Papa Tree Top Tall – Tiny Winters with Lew Stone Band – 1936
  5. You – Denny Dennis with Roy Fox Band – 1936
  6. My Heaven in the Pines – Sam Costa with Primo Scala Accordian Band – 1938
  7. My Devotion – Georgina with Geraldo and his Orchestra
  8. You are my lucky star – Harry Parry Radio Rhythm Sextet –1943

AM Collection

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