Dance Band Days: 1981-05-13

  1. I’m just in the mood tonight – Sam Brown with Jack Hylton Orchestra – 1929
  2. Love letters in the sand – Jack Hylton with the Jack Hylton Orchestra – 1931
  3. I saw stars – Les Allen – 1934
  4. Two cigarettes in the dark – Alberta Hunter with Jack Jackson’s Orchestra – 1934
  5. Sing me a swing song – Tiny Winters with Lew Stone and his Band – 1936
  6. Serenade in the night – Monte Rey with Geraldo and his Tango Orchestra – 1936
  7. On your toes – Ruth Williams with Billy Merrin and his Commanders – 1937
  8. The eyes of the world are on you – Gene Crowley with Bram Martin and his Dance Orchestra – 1937

AM Collection

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