Dance Band Days: 1982-06-30

  1. Orange Blossom Time – Sam Browne with Jack Hylton and His Orchestra – September 1929
  2. ‘Leven Thirty Saturday Night – John Firman’s Arcadians Dance Orchestra – May 1930
  3. Little White Lies – Pat O’Malley with Jack Hylton Orchestra – 28 August 1930
  4. If I Love Again – Sam Browne with Ambrose and His Orchestra – 14 December 1934
  5. I’ve Got A Feeling You’re Fooling – George Barclay with Charlie Kunz Casani Club Orchestra – December 1935
  6. What More Can I Say? – Julie Dawn with Billy Thorburn’s The Organ, The Dance Band and Me – 17 January 1942
  7. Johnny Peddler – Alan Breeze with Billy Cotton and His Band – 1941

Note Announcer talks a time check over Alan at 26.50 in – an unusual BBC gaff!

RC Collection

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