Dance Band Days: 1982-09-15

  1. Love Is Just A Gamble – The Romaine Orchestra k/a The Savoy Orpheans – 8 October 1924
  2. I’m Crazy Over You – Jack Payne with Jack Payne and His BBC Dance Orchestra – February 1929
  3. Goodnight, Little Girl Of My Dreams – Al Bowlly with Ray Noble and New Mayfair Dance Orchestra – November 1933
  4. Midsummer Madness And You – Sam Browne with The Connecticut Collegians alias Jay Wilbur – May/June 1935
  5. You Can’t Pull the Wool Over My Eyes – Ronnie Hill with The Rhythm Rascals; Swing Rhythm Boys; Sid Phillips – August 1936
  6. The Moon Got In My Eyes – Anne Lenner with Carroll Gibbons and The Savoy Hotel Orpheans – November 1937
  7. Music! Music! Music! – Nadia Doré with Geraldo and His Orchestra – March 1950

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2 thoughts on “Dance Band Days: 1982-09-15

  1. Music! Music! Music! – Nadia Doré is the correct spelling of the vocalist. Thanks for sharing these shows.

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