Dance Band Days: 1985-01-21

  1. I’ve Got You On My Mind – Ambrose, voc. Sam Browne – November 1933*
  2. You Are My Lucky Star – Mrs Jack Hylton’s Orchestra, voc. Jimmy Miller – October 1935
  3. Apple Blossom – Henry Hall’s Music Makers – 21 March 1936
  4. I Breathe On Windows – Charlie Kunz and his Casani Club Orchestra, voc. George Barclay – October 1936
  5. Mamma! I Wanna Make Rhythm!! – Jack Harris, voc. Dinah Miller – April 1938
  6. Carroll Gibbons’ Favourites: In The Still Of The Night; Two Sleepy People-Rosalie – Carroll Gibbons at the piano – 1940s
  7. The Kiss Polka – Eric Winstone and his Accordion Band, voc. Gloria Brent – early 1942
  8. I’ll Close My Eyes – Paul Fenoulhet dir. The Skyrockets, voc. Cyril Shane – 1940s

LP availability

* Ambrose ‘Tribute To Cole Porter’ – Decca ACL1186/Jasmine JASM2017

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