Dance Band Days: 1985-10-04

George Scott-Wood Special Programme

  1. Dere’s Jazz In Dem Dere Horns! – The Six Swingers voc. Sam Costa – 1936
  2. One Man Band – George Scott-Wood Orchestra (Studio Group) –1931
  3. Dames – The Six Swingers voc. Jack Plant – Dec 1934
  4. The Continental – London Piano Accordeon Band (dir. GSW) – Sep 1934
    intro by George Scott-Wood “Columbia FB 1428”
  5. Meet The Boys – The Six Swingers voc. Sam Costa – 1936
  6. I’ve Got A Note – The Six Swingers voc. Marjorie Stedeford – 20 May 1935
  7. Turn On The Heat; Varsity Rag; Lovable And Sweet* (Medley) – The Bugle Call Raggers *Voc. Brian Lawrence
  8. Dainty Debutante – George Scott-Wood’s Salon Orchestra – Jan 1938

RC Collection

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