Dance Band Days: 1986-02-10

  1. Loveable And Sweet – Maurice Elphick with Arcadian Rhythmic Eight – November 1926
  2. Wrap Your Arms Around Me – Sam Browne with Ambrose and his Orchestra – August 1932
  3. I Bought Myself A Bottle Of Ink – Len Burman with Henry Hall Orchestra – 1934
  4. Love Is Just Around The Corner – Anne Lenner with Carroll Gibbons and The Boyfriends  – 1927
  5. Don’t Play With Fire – Sam Costa with Bert Firman Band – 1937
  6. Try A Little Tenderness – Doreen Lundy with The Skyrockets Orchestra – August 1947
  7. I’m On A Seesaw (part track) – Dick James with Tip Top Tunes Orchestra
  8. You Keep Coming Back Like A Song – Dick James with Geraldo Orchestra

AM Collection

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