Dance Band Days: 1986-10-13

  1. You’ve got to be modernistic – W Vernon with Ray Noble and his Orchestra – 1930
  2. Build a little home – Bill Currie with Harry Roy Mayfair Orchestra – March 1934
  3. From the top of your head – Brian Lawrence with Carol Gibbons’ Savoy Orpheans  – October 1935
  4. You’re looking for romance – Gene Crowley with Bram Martin and his Holborn Restaurant Band – 1937
  5. My dear Mr Shane – Beryl Davis with Paul Green and his Swinging Strings – 1938
  6. Memory Corner medley – The Cavendish Three with Kay Cavendish at the Piano
  7. Jim – Dorothy Carless with Geraldo and his Orchestra – 1942

AM Collection

3 thoughts on “Dance Band Days: 1986-10-13

  1. The fourth item should read:

    You’re Looking For Romance – Gene Crowley with Bram Martin and his Band

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