Dance Band Days: 1988-07-11

  1. That’s What Life Is Made Of – Ray Noble and the New Mayfair Dance Orchestra, voc. Al Bowlly – May 1933
  2. A Million Thoughts Of You – Mrs Jack Hylton’s Orchestra, voc. trio*
  3. As Sweet As A Song – Jack White and his Collegians, voc. Tony Morris – 1938
  4. Money For Jam – Ambrose’s Swingstars trio, solo Danny Polo – pre-1939
  5. Three Dreams – Ambrose, voc. Denny Dennis – 1939-45
  6. Silver Wings In The Moonlight – Carroll Gibbons and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans, voc. Leslie Douglas – June 1943**
  7. All Through A Glass Of Champagne – Jack Hylton’s Orchestra, voc. Dolly Elsie

LP records:
* ‘She Shall Have Music’ – Reid Records
** ‘We’ll Meet Again’ – The Music Of Hugh Charles – Reid Records

DR Collection

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