Dance Band Days: 1989-04-24

  1. Button Up Your Overcoat – Jack Hylton, voc. Sam Browne – September 1929*
  2. You Rascal You – Ambrose, voc. Joe Crossman – February 1932
  3. Moon For Sale – Al Collins & His Berkeley Hotel Orchestra, voc. Bert Yarlett – January 1936
  4. I’ll See You In My Dreams – Mario ‘Harp’ Lorenzi’s Rhythmics, voc. Marjorie Stedeford – February 1936
  5. You’re Just Looking For Romance – Bram Martin, voc. Gene Crowley
  6. There’s A Gold Mine In The Sky – Henry Hall, voc. Bob Mallin – February 1938
  7. Cheerio! – Billy Merrin and His Commanders, voc. Sam Browne & chorus #%

LP records
* ‘Good News’ – World Records
# ‘Troubles Are Like Bubbles’ – Reid Records

% signature tune

DR Collection

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