Dance Band Days: 1989-08-21

  1. I’ve Got Two Of Everything – Roy Fox Orchestra, voc. Sid Buckman – May 1934
  2. I’ve Got An Invitation To A Dance – Billy Cotton Orchestra, voc. ‘Chips’ Chippendale – February 1935
  3. Without A Word Of Warning – Ambrose Orchestra, voc. Jack Cooper – October 1935
  4. I’d Like To See Some More Of Samoa – Nat Gonella, voc. Nat Gonella and band – November 1937
  5. Angeline – Harry Roy, voc. possibly Alan Dean and The Royalists (Marjorie Kingsley and Renee Lister) – 17 April 1942
  6. Someone’s Rocking My Dreamboat – Geraldo, voc. Len Camber – May 1942
  7. Music From The Movies March – Louis Levy and the Gaumont British Symphony Orchestra
  8. Selection From The Movies Medley: Honolulu*; The One I Love – Louis Levy and the Gaumont British Symphony Orchestra, voc. *Sam Browne

DR Collection

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