Dance Band Days: 1991-07-29

  1. Oh, Donna Clara – Jack Plant with Van Phillips and His Band – 23 October 1930
  2. I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed – Tommy Kinsman and His Orchestra – February 1936
  3. They All Laughed – Leslie Douglas with Henry Hall and The BBC Dance Orchestra – June 1937
  4. When You Wear Your Sunday Blue – Sam Browne with Lew Stone Band – March 1940
  5. I Was Watching A Man Paint A Fence – Jack Cooper with Ambrose Orchestra – May 1940
  6. The Japanese Sandman – Felix Mendelssohn’s Hawaiian Serenaders – 12 July 1940
  7. Carroll Calls The Tunes Number 16 Medley – Carroll Gibbons – December 1941
  8. Sand In My Shoes – Chick Henderson with Joe Loss and His Orchestra – September 1941

NOTE: Loud buzz at 2.39 minutes into programme which isn’t possible to repair

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2 thoughts on “Dance Band Days: 1991-07-29

  1. No – I think it’s correct – Alan references the passing of Jo Shelton and the recent passing of Anne’s husband David. A Google search confirms the following
    Anne’s husband died on 11th June 1990, the year in which she was awarded the OBE for her valuable work to charities, especially the Not Forgotten Association. Her sister Jo became her closest companion, and whilst these should have been among her happiest years (she was still very much in demand), fate dealt a cruel blow. On 22nd July 1991, returning from a cabaret on the Isle of Man, Jo fell ill on the plane. She was taken to King’s College Hospital, London, but died in the operating theatre. Anne and her sister Eileen were devastated at the loss of their ‘baby sister’ and it was only through the love and support of Eileen, her niece Kelly and her religion (Anne was a devout Catholic) that she kept going.

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