Dance Band Days: 1992-12-07

Jack Payne Special

  1. Harmonica Harry – BBC Dance Orchestra, voc. Trio of Bob Manning, Bob Busby and Jack Payne – 10 September 1930
  2. I Found You – BBC Dance Orchestra, voc. Jack Payne – 25 June 1931
  3. Guilty – JP Dance Orchestra, voc. Billy Scott Coomber – 21 November 1931
  4. Medley: You Are My Lucky Star; Sing Before Breakfast; Broadway Rhythm – JP Orchestra, voc. Billy Scott Coomber – December 1935
  5. O-Kay For Sound – JP Orchestra, voc. Billy Scott Coomber – 28 August 1936
  6. Chewing A Piece Of Straw – JP Orchestra, voc. The Cracker Jacks – 10 July 1845

DR Collection

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