Dance Band Days: 1993-08-15

  1. Alexander’s Ragtime Band – Harry Roy and His Orchestra, voc. Harry Roy and Bill Currie – 18 March 1934
  2. The House Is Haunted – Roy Fox and His Band at the Café Anglais, voc. Denny Dennis  – 17 May 1934
  3. Who Made Little Boy Blue? – Henry Hall and The BBC Dance Orchestra, voc. Dan Donovan and chorus – 20 October 1934
  4. You Are My Lucky Star – Mrs. Jack Hylton and Her Band, voc. Jimmy Miller – 29 October 1935
  5. The Lady in Red – Ambrose and His Orchestra at the Embassy Club, voc. Evelyn Dall – 5 November 1935
  6. Let’s Stop The Clock – Carroll Gibbons and The Savoy Hotel Orpheans, voc. George Melachrino – 8 May 1939
  7. Have You Got Any Castles, Baby? – Freddy Gardner and His Swing Orchestra – February 1938
  8. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square – Ambrose and His Orchestra, voc. Anne Shelton – 25 June 1940

DR Collection

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