Dance Band Days: 1974-08-11

  1. There’s Yoo-Hoo In Your Eyes – Jack Jackson (v) & His Orchestra, 5 April 1937
  2. With All My Heart – Suzanne Botterill with Al Collins & His Berkeley Hotel Orchestra, 1936
  3. We’ll Make Hay While The Sun Shines– Sam Browne with Billy Merrin & His Commanders, January 1934
  4. Goodbye To Summer – Anne Lenner with Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Orpheans, October 1938
  5. Rise ‘n’ Shine selection – Sydney Kyte & His Piccadilly Hotel Band, May 1936
    Leave It To Love / Rise ‘n’ Shine / Darling You / I’m Building Up To An Awful Let-Down
  6. You’ve Got To Take Your Pick And Swing –George Elrick (v) & His Swing Music Makers, November 1937
  7. Cow Cow Boogie – Joe Daniels & His Hotshots
  8. South American Joe – Donald Stewart with Ambrose & His Orchestra, 1935

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