Dance Band Days: 1974-08-18

  1. I’m Looking For The Sheik Of Araby – Sid Millward & His Nitwits, November 1938
  2. Airman! Airman! (Don’t Put The Wind Up Me) – Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orchestra, March 1930
  3. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (concert version) – Sam Browne with Jack Hylton & His Orchestra, 8th October 1929
  4. Are You Havin’ Any Fun? – Dolly Elsie with one of Jack Hylton’s two orchestras, December 1939
  5. The Man From The South – Sam Browne with Harry Hudson’s Melody Men, 1930
  6. Goodnight My Love – Vera Lynn with Charlie Kunz & His Casani Club Orchestra, March 1937
  7. Excerpts from Harry Roy’s Stage Show at The Garrick Theatre, Southport, October 1937
    Nobody’s Sweetheart Now / Broken Hearted Clown / Dinah

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