Dance Band Days: 1981-03-18

  1. Give Yourself A Pat On The Back – Jack Payne and the BBC Dance Orchestra – 21 January 1930
  2. Don’t Tell A Soul – Sam Browne with Cunard Dance Band – Early 1932
  3. Love Locked Out – Jack Plant with Roy Fox Band – October 1933
  4. Some Of These Days; With A Song In My Heart; Night and Day – Charlie Kunz
  5. Midnight In Mayfair – Ambrose and His Orchestra – February 1937
  6. Boo-Hoo – Jack Hylton and His Orchestra with The Swingtettes – April 1937
  7. Odds ‘n’ Dodds – Pat Dodds – 1959
  8. I Met Her On Monday – Derek Roy and The Geraldo Ensemble Orchestra

RC Collection

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