Dance Band Days: 1981-06-10


Anniversary of death of Bert Ambrose (10 Years)

  1. Mean To Me – Phil Burrows with Ambrose Orchestra – 31 May 1929
  2. Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon – Sam Browne with Ambrose Orchestra – June 1932
  3. Bert Read pays tribute to Ambrose
  4. Goopy Geer – Bert Reed (piano) with Ambrose Orchestra
  5. Dames – Bert Ambrose Orchestra – 1934
  6. My Own – Vera Lynn with Bert Ambrose Orchestra
  7. Ain’t Cha Comin’ Out? – Evelyn Dall with Ambrose Orchestra – June 17 1939
  8. Stormy Weather – Anne Shelton with Ambrose Orchestra
  9. When Day Is Done – Sam Browne and Vocal Chorus with Ambrose Orchestra

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