Dance Band Days: 1988-12-26


Boxing Day Special

  1. Have You Anything on Tonight, Matilda Darling? – Billy Cotton Band, voc. Alan Breeze & chorus
  2. I Must See Annie Tonight – Harry Roy and his Band, voc. Harry Roy
  3. The Pig Got Up and Slowly Walked Away – Billy Cotton Band, voc. Alan Breeze
  4. Ali Baba’s Camel – Jack Payne & his BBC Dance Orchestra, Voc. Jack Payne
  5. Mr. Gimbal with the Symbol – Ambrose and his Orchestra, voc. Sam Browne
  6. There’s a Song They Sing at the Sing Song in Sing Sing – Henry Hall’s BBC Dance Orchestra, voc. George Elrick & the Convicts
  7. Follow the White Line – Jack Hylton and Some of His Boys, voc. Arthur Askey
  8. The Lambeth Walk – Ronnie Monroe & His Orchestra, voc. Jack Cooper & The Pearlies
  9. Goosey Goosey – Jack Hylton and His Orchestra

DR Collection

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