Dance Band Days: 1991-08-19

Requests plus Tribute show for Max Jaffa, Pat Dodd, Eric Whitley

  1. My Inspiration Is You – Debroy Somers’ Savoy Havana Band, voc. Ramon Newton – 22 Sep 1928
  2. Nevertheless I’m In Love With You – Ambrose, voc. Sam Browne – Sep 1931
  3. Intro of Max Jaffa
  4. Manhattan Holiday – Jack Harris, featuring Max Jaffa, violin – Oct 1937
  5. Intro of Pat Dodd
  6. ‘On The Avenue’ Selection: This Year’s Crop Of Kisses; Let’s Go Slumming; I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm – Jay Wilbur, featuring Pat Dodd piano, vocal trio – 1937
  7. Intro of Eric Whitley
  8. The Moon And The Willow Tree – Carroll Gibbons, voc. Eric Whitley
  9. A Foggy Day In London Town – Jack Harris, voc. Sam Browne, featuring Max Jaffa, leading strings
  10. We’re The Couple In The Castle In The Air – R.A.O.C. Bluerockets, voc. Eric Whitley – 1942
  11. Boogie in C – Skyrockets, dir. Paul Fenoulhet, featuring Pat Dodd, piano – late 1950s

DR Collection

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